Born 1978, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Mariano Baione woke up on a non-particular day obsessed about photography. None of his previous studies or experiences were connected to something like that, even on the field of arts. That’s why he decided immediately to begin his studies at the National School of Photography between 2005 and 2009, with the help of Jorge Mónaco, someone who nowadays is more than a friend to him. Those years were pure experiment and self-knowledge, something was out there waiting and someone should tell about it.

His main field is documentary photography, he is always searching for new stories and new projects to be told, and each one he carries out is a story open to interpretation. The final result is a document that lasts in time waiting to be discovered by the interest of others, those interested in our history, those who read about the past to understand the future. Each project has taken him to several cities and countries to get involved in the proposed subject matter and thus get an unbiased view. Results are at your disposal for your appraisal and enjoyment.

His first photography book “Subte” was published in 2011, a deep exploration of life underground.

He works on corporative tech-sales and currently resides in Santiago, Chile.